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2014 Playoffs

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State Championships


Division I

GAME OF NOV. 28, 2014:

(2) Chandler 28
(1) Hamilton      7

(Game at U. of Phoenix Stadium)

Division II

GAME OF NOV. 29, 2014:

(3) Centennial 26
(1) Liberty     14

(Game at Sun Devil Stadium)

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Division I & II SECTIONS for the 2014 season


SECTION 1:  Basha, Chandler, Gilbert, Hamilton, Highland, Perry.

SECTION 2:  Cesar Chavez, Maryvale, Millennium, North, Valley Vista, Westview.

SECTION 3:  Desert Mountain, Desert Ridge, Mesa, (Mesa) Mountain View, Red Mountain, Skyline.

SECTION 4:  Brophy, Corona del Sol, Desert Vista, Dobson, Mountain Pointe.

SECTION 5:  Boulder Creek, Horizon, Mountain Ridge, North Canyon, O'Connor, Pinnacle.


SECTION 1:  Camelback, Carl Hayden, Copper Canyon, Fairfax, La Joya, St. Mary's, Sunnyslope, Tolleson, Trevor Browne.

SECTION 2:  Buena, Cienega, Desert View, Nogales, Sahuaro, Sunnyside.

SECTION 3:  Apollo, Centennial, Deer Valley, Ironwood, Kellis, Liberty, Willow Canyon.

SECTION 4:  Cibola, Gila Ridge, Kofa, Lake Havasu, Yuma.

SECTION 5:  Ironwood Ridge, (Marana) Mountain View, Rincon, Salpointe, Tucson, Vista Grande.

SECTION 6:  Campo Verde, Marcos de Niza, Mesquite, Poston Butte, Westwood.

SECTION 7:  Arcadia, Cactus Shadows, Chaparral, Notre Dame, Paradise Valley.







Paving the Way

Ironwood Ridge's Laurita among O-Linemen with 1 more year in HS trenches

WEEKLY BLOG:  12/18/14

The recruiting season is in full swing and while looking at the growing list of seniors committing to schools, one thing is jumping out at me.

This class is loaded with offensive linemen!

To take a look at that list, either click on the Recruiting tab above, or check it out here.

The recent commitment of Mountain Pointe's Davis Perrott to Washington State was the 10th by an Arizona senior OL to a Division I school.  Looking at the bigger picture, I started to wonder who might be next.

Not next as in "Who will the 11th one be?", but instead was thinking about "What will next year bring?".

Now, it's very early in the recruitment process for the Class of 2016, but as of yet, no offensive linemen have received offers.  Obviously, that will change as more and more colleges are taking notice of the talent in Arizona.  With seven weeks still to go before National Signing Day in February, 124 players from the Class of '15 have garnered offers to four-year schools.

So, to finish out the year, I thought we'd take a look at those who often don't get the glory on Friday night highlight shows - the offensive linemen.  By no means is this a complete list, but here's a look at six Division I & II juniors that made their section's First Team in the postseason coaches' voting.  A link to their film is also included.  Best of all, they are currently working in the weight room to get bigger and stronger because they have another season to play for their high schools.

Brendon Coleman - Brophy (OT)  6-4, 255 - Highlight Video

Coleman will be charged with protecting the Broncos' numerous playmakers.  Brophy returns QB Cade Knox (2306 yards, 24 TDs) and RB Ryan Velez (1087 yards, 13 TDs).  Receivers that will be back include Robert Brooks and Noah Pittenger.  Coleman has size, yet comes off the ball quick and is mobile enough to be the lead blocker on an end around.  He'll start on the left side, come around to the right, and level the defender 15 yards past the line of scrimmage to make a first-down run an even bigger gain.  Also, don't forget that Brophy played an incredible schedule this season, so Coleman has been tested against the best.

Kent Cullumber - Pinnacle (OT)  6-3, 280 - Highlight Video

Cullumber will return to anchor what is always a massive front line for the Pioneers.  Pinnacle loses much of its passing game next year with the upcoming graduations of Brian Lewerke, Cules Rose, and Adam Turner, so it's possible that PHS could be more of a running team next year as Nick Ferrara (993 yards, 10 TDs) will be back for his senior year.  Cullumber's game is predicated on strength of taking out anyone in his way on run blocks.  He's also relentless and will continue to punish the oncoming rusher well past the line of scrimmage.  The footage here is from the season opener at Red Mountain in a victory that was the start of a 9-1 regular season and a Division I, Section 5 title.

Chase Laurita - Ironwood Ridge (OG)  6-4, 245 - Highlight Video

Laurita returns to man the line for the defending Division II, Section 6 champions.  He will also be a three-year varsity player for the Nighthawks.  Laurita is quite familiar with what his defender is thinking as he doubles as a defensive tackle.  Ironwood Ridge operates a misdirection-heavy double wing offense that is dictated by a strong run game.  The Nighthawks will have leading rusher Cole McLafferty (1079 yards, 14 TDs) back next season.  Laurita does a lot of pulling from either side of the line to destroy players on the defensive line on run plays.  You can tell he's strong in his upper body.  When IRHS won the state title in 2012, it did it with the technique that its undersized line was able to open up holes.  Head coach Matt Johnson is a master with the run game and blocking schemes.

Spencer Lewis - Red Mountain (OT)  6-4, 235 - Highlight Video

Lewis will be a force for opposing defensive lines to handle next year.  He will play a key role in either protecting quarterback Kyle Buckles (1180 yards, 14 TDs) or dual-threat QB Lance Lawson (7 TDs passing, 488 rushing yards as a freshman) and clearing the way for running backs.  He shows a lot of skill in moving from his left tackle position with a push to the inside allowing the quarterback or RB to use the greater amount of space on the left to make plays.  Lewis also shows good technique with his hands as a pass blocker.  Against a difficult schedule, and facing injuries, the Mountain Lions struggled in 2014.  But, those younger players that stepped in gained experience for next season.

Roy Lopez - Mesquite (OG)  6-3, 295 - Highlight Video

Lopez transferred to Mesquite from Marcos de Niza and started on the OL from Week 1.  He's an extremely strong player that squats 540 pounds.  Has acceleration and when he combine that with his size, he simply flattens opposing defenders.  Mesquite didn't enter any stats on pancake blocks, but in watching his film, you can see Lopez stacked them up.  The Wildcats played four different quarterbacks this season and junior Austin Brice finished out the year. 

Marshal Nathe - Centennial (OG)  6-3, 285 - Highlight Video

Nathe was part of an offensive line that paved the way for its runners to go over 3,000 yards this season.  Dedrick Young (1557 yards, 19 TDs) will be at Nebraska next season, but the Coyotes always have plenty of runners to fill the voids.  Nathe is tenacious when covering a defensive lineman.  He has toughness and strength and is strong at the point of attack.  With Centennial's championship run, Nathe had a bonus four games to suit up for the Red, White, and Blue.  The Coyotes may have a dominant run game, but QB Isaac Steele will take advantage of the defense stacking the box.  In his junior year, Steele passed for 27 touchdowns and threw just three interceptions.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  We will be back with our usual offseason articles the first weekend of January.  Until then, enjoy your friends and family and once again wishing you a joyous Holiday Season from Gridiron Arizona.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Ironwood Ridge offensive guard Chase Laurita gets ready in between plays from a road game last season.  Laurita has a combination of speed and toughness and has the versatility to play on both sides of the line.  The Nighthawks had a nine-game winning streak this year and won their section before being upset in the first round of the playoffs to Sunnyside.


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(as per AIA/MaxPreps)



 School SectionRecordPlayoff Finish
Power Points 
1. Hamilton
Sect. 1 12-2 Championship Game
Sect. 5 10-2 Quarterfinals
Sect. 4
10-4 Semifinals
Sect. 3 10-2 Quarterfinals
6. Mountain Pointe
Sect. 4 10-3 Semifinals
7. Basha
Sect. 1 7-5 Quarterfinals
8. Boulder Creek
Sect. 5 8-3 First Round
9. Skyline
Sect. 3 10-2 Quarterfinals
10. O'Connor
Sect. 5 7-5 First Round
11. WESTVIEW Sect. 2
8-3 First Round
12. Horizon
Sect. 5 7-4 First Round
13. Perry Sect. 1
5-6 First Round
14. Highland
Sect. 1
5-6 First Round
15. Red Mountain
Sect. 3 3-8 First Round
16. Valley Vista
Sect. 2 6-5 First Round
  Desert Vista
Sect. 4 3-7      0.9126  
  Cesar Chavez
Sect. 2
4-6      0.6188
  Mesa Mountain View
Sect. 3 3-7  
Sect. 4 5-5      0.3201
Sect. 1 2-8      0.0258


Sect. 2 4-6    - 0.1113
Sect. 3 3-7    - 1.2358
  Mountain Ridge
Sect. 5
1-9    - 1.4539
  Desert Mountain
Sect. 3 1-9    - 5.1518
  Corona del Sol
Sect. 4
1-9    - 5.5592  
  North Canyon
Sect. 5 0-10    - 8.8127  
Sect. 2 1-9   -10.3464
Sect. 2 0-10   -13.9580  

CAPS - Indicates Clinched Section title

The top team from each section based on section record is guaranteed playoff one of the 16 playoff berths.  These 16 teams will be seeded in a bracket according to the final power points.

NOTE: Mountain Ridge and North Canyon were both given forfeits following their brawl in Week 10. Both games were recorded as a loss and the game is not included in the power point rankings.

The AIA works with Maxpreps in devising the power points formula.  This is a statistical method that incorporates an algorithm not able to be duplicated by Gridiron Arizona.  For more on the formulas, or to see the points for Divisions III, IV, V, and VI, see the AIA web site at


 School SectionRecord   Playoff Finish
  Power Points 
1. Liberty
Sect. 3 12-2   Championship Game


Sect. 5 9-2  

First Round

Sect. 3 12-2   STATE CHAMPIONS
Sect. 2 11-2   Semifinals
5. Deer Valley
Sect. 3 8-3   First Round
Sect. 1 11-1   Quarterfinals     10.6962
7. Westwood
Sect. 6 9-2   First Round
Sect. 7 10-2   Quarterfinals
9. Sahuaro
Sect. 2 9-2   First Round
10. Chaparral
Sect. 7
9-4   Semifinals
11. Salpointe
Sect. 5 8-3   First Round
Sect. 6 7-5   Quarterfinals
13. Poston Butte
Sect. 6 7-4   First Round      6.9916
Sect. 4
8-3   First Round
x- Marana Mountain View Sect. 5 6-4    
15. Sunnyside
Sect. 2 7-5   Quarterfinals
16. St. Mary's
Sect. 1 7-4   First Round      2.5524
Sect. 7 7-3          2.0306
Sect. 6
4-6          1.9276
  La Joya
Sect. 1
7-3          1.5677
  Gila Ridge Sect. 4 5-5          1.5026
Sect. 3 4-6          1.3061  
  Campo Verde
Sect. 6 5-6          1.2162  
Sect. 4 5-5          0.0078
  Willow Canyon
Sect. 3 4-6        - 0.0799  
  Notre Dame
Sect. 7 4-6        - 0.3190
Sect. 1
6-4        - 0.4783  
Sect. 3 3-7        - 0.7818  
Sect. 5 4-6        - 1.5308
  Cactus Shadows
Sect. 7 3-7        - 3.4091  
Sect. 2 3-8        - 3.9037  
Sect. 2 4-6        - 3.9409  
Sect. 1 4-6        - 4.8121  
  Vista Grande
Sect. 5 3-7        - 5.1428  
Sect. 4
3-7        - 5.4059  
Sect. 4 3-7        - 6.7402  
Sect. 1 2-8    
  Trevor Browne
Sect. 1 2-8       -10.1915
Sect. 5 2-8  




  Copper Canyon
Sect. 1 1-9       -13.3751
  Desert View
Sect. 2
0-10       -13.4818  
Sect. 3 0-10       -13.5135  
  Carl Hayden
Sect. 1 1-9       -13.9938

CAPS - Indicates Clinched section title

The top team from each section based on section record is guaranteed playoff one of the 16 playoff berths.  These 16 teams will be seeded in a bracket according to the final power points.

x - Marana Mountain View has been placed on probation by the AIA due to recruiting violations.  The Mountain Lions are ineligible for the 2014 playoff tournament.  This chart places where the school would be if it were not under these sanctions.

NOTE: Rincon was awarded a victory over Santa Rita by forfeit due to SRHS playing ineligible players.  That win is being reflected on their record, but the game is not included in the power points as the AIA/MaxPreps formula does not allow for a reversal of a forfeited game.  Instead, the result is simply thrown out.

The AIA works with Maxpreps in devising the power points formula.  This is a statistical method that incorporates an algorithm not able to be duplicated by Gridiron Arizona.  For more on the formulas, or to see the points for Divisions III, IV, V, and VI, see the AIA web site at